5 Simple Ways To Build Muscle Fast

June 3, 2018 / Blog
5 Simple Ways To Build Muscle Fast

Getting jacked is not for the faint of heart. It is, in fact, one of the hardest and longest term fitness goals you can set for yourself. Luckily, there are some things you can do while at home and the gym to help speed things up. Here’s are 5 simple ways to build muscle fast.

Do Weight/Resistance Training

The most obvious, yet effective, way to increase muscle strength and muscle mass is resistance exercise training. This means weightlifting in the gym and certain kinds of CrossFit training that involve weights. Jogging is great, so is yoga, and so is swimming. But there’s no substitute for weight/resistance training when it comes building muscle (and, for that matter, losing fat) fast.

Focus On Compound Exercises

Specifically when weight/resistance training, you should primarily try and do lifts that work muscle at more than one joint. These are known as compound exercises. There are a number of great compound exercises you can start incorporating into your workout routine today including squatting, doing pull-ups, rows, hang-clean, etc.

Focus On The Eccentric Phase

With weight lifting, there are concentric (hard) movements and eccentric (easy) movements. For instance, as you lower a straight-bar down towards your chest when bench-pressing, you’re performing an eccentric action. When you push it back up towards the ceiling, that’s concentric

Movement. The eccentric phase of exercises is far better at triggering hypertrophy. It may be counterintuitive, but it’s true. The best way to optimize the eccentric phase of your workouts is by slowing down your movements. Go down slowly and then explode up.  

Set Strength Goals

Also when weight/resistance training, you should set your sights on getting stronger rather than focusing strictly on gaining “X” pounds of muscle. Strength goals are better than weight goals because they correctly address the causation of muscle growth, and because they can be measured more precisely. In order to get stronger, in other words, your body needs to increase its muscle mass and fibers. So, ultimately, it’s a better way of looking at things. If you shoot to hit certain numbers on your lifts and then meet them, you will see corresponding muscle growth along the way, trust us.

Have Bedtime, Breakfast And Post-Workout Protein

Consuming around 20 grams of protein after working out, and then again half an hour before bed, can dramatically increase your natural muscle growth. As a post-workout, whey protein is your best option because it’s most easily absorbed by your body and converted into nutrients for your muscles. In the morning and before bed, you should go for casein protein which is absorbed in a slower and more sustained way by your body so it can provide for your muscles over a longer period of time. You can get your necessary casein protein in the morning via supplementing or by eating roughly seven ounces of Greek yogurt or drinking two glasses of (low-fat) milk!

Eat More

Yes, we said it. Eat more! This can be a hard one to get used to, especially for those who are used to counting calories in the hopes of losing weight. But if your goal is to effectively build muscle (that means weight gained, not lost), then you must consume more calories than you burn each day. Why? If your body thinks food is in limited supply then it isn’t going to waste any of it trying to build muscle, rather it’ll focus all its energy on simply keeping you alive. Simple right? We should also mention that you should be getting these calories from good sources. It doesn’t mean start filling up on candy and soda! Lean meats like chicken and salmon should be staples of your diet.

There you have it 5 simple ways to build muscle fast. Want to build muscle even faster? Well then visit Legal Steroids and check out our selection of prohormones today!