Anadrol Oxymetholone

June 6, 2015 / Anabolics
Anadrol Oxymetholone

Anadrol Oxymetholone 

Anadrol (oxymetholone) is a synthetic steroidal drug available as a tablet. it is a potent oral anabolic and androgenic drug.
Anadrol is an anabolic steroid. It enhances nitrogen offset when the eating regimen is adequate in calories. The activities of anadrol are like testosterone and can bring about genuine impedance in sexual and physical development when given to kids. Kids who have taken this medication create bizarre physical components and as a rule have scattered sexual capacity.


Biochemical Analysis of Anadrol Anadrol, is sold under the pharmaceutical name Oxymetholone, and has a half existence of around 8-10 hours. This implies it stays in your body for 2-4 times longer. The reason it stays in the body longer is a direct result of its natural inclination for greasy tissues where it gets put away.

Biochemical investigation have demonstrated that Anadrol can be distinguished in the body for up to 2 months after the last measurements. As a result of this long half life, it is not the favored medication of decision by numerous jocks. Most specialists suggest it as an off season medication to construct the body.

In clinical prescription, Anadrol has been shown in the treatment of anemias from an assortment of distinctive reasons. The most widely recognized frailty treated with Anadrol is iron inadequacy pallor, gained aplastic sickliness, intrinsic aplastic paleness, myleofibrosis and the weakness created by the utilization of immunosuppressive medications. Anadrol is not a swap for iron, blood transfusion, vitamin, folic corrosive or different supplements. It is just used to treat these anemias after they have neglected to react to all other strong measures.

The medication has likewise been suggested for the treatment of squandering seen in HIV patients and in people with extreme osteoporosis. On the other hand, on account of the more noteworthy consciousness of its potential symptoms, most doctors don’t recommend it.

The dose of Anadrol is based on body weight. In both adults and children this is about 1.5mg/kg. When Anadrol is administered to treat any of the above medical disorders, its response is never immediate and may take a minimum of 2-3 weeks. In some patients a slightly lower dose is required to maintain its benefit when treating aplastic anemias. Anadrol is only available as a tablet and never given intravenously.

Side effects
Before one use Anadrol there are a few things you should know. Anadrol is a potent steroid and is associated with a fair number of side effects which include:

  • Liver Side Effects of Anadrol
  • jaundice
  • possibility of liver cancer
  • enlargement of penis if taken before puberty
  • testicular atrophy and low sperm count if taken after puberty
  • impotence, painful penile erections
  • in women- clitoral enlargement, menstrual irregularities
  • lack of sleep
  • gynecomastia- breast enlargement
  • deepening of voice
  • excessive hair growth
  • general fatigue
  • swelling of the body
  • high sugars


  • cancer of the prostate
  • male breast cancer
  • female breast cancer
  • pregnant females
  • those with liver problems
  • those who have allergies to the drug


Body building
Anadrol is a generally utilized medication among competitors and weight lifters. It an effective anabolic steroid and moderately economical. The medication is anything but difficult to get hold off on the bootleg market. The greater part of the meat heads get their supplies either online or from manufactured medicines. The steroid is likewise broadly snuck in from Mexico and Thailand.

Bodybuilding Athlete
At the point when Anadrol is taken orally, it steadily begins to build weight pick up. The outcomes are commonly seen following 3-4 weeks. While there are claims in the internet that weight increase can happen in 1-2 weeks, these are totally false. The medication demonstrations gradually. To keep up the weight increase most competitors need to take it for no less than 3-6 weeks. Numerous competitors likewise reuse the medication with development hormone and thyroxin. One noteworthy symptom of Anadrol is that it additionally causes water maintenance. Then again, most competitors claim that this abundance water helps pad the joints against damage.

The other component about Anadrol which has been generally reported is that it does help the body recoup much speedier after a harm.

In view of it strong reactions and the potential for creating malignancy in the liver, its use ought to be restricted. Numerous muscle heads reuse the medication at regular intervals to keep up the mass. The Anadrol is substituted with other anabolic steroids.

Late reports show that Anadrol can likewise have capricious consequences for the mind. The medication has been known not the mind after drawn out utilization. Numerous reports of unconstrained annoyance, peevishness and roughness have been accounted for in people who take this medication for delayed periods.

The measurements for weight lifting is exact. Most specialists in iron pumping suggest beginning off at 50 mg every day for 2-3 weeks and after that progressively expanding it to 75 mg if no reaction is seen. Then again, it is exceptionally prescribed that the medication not be taken for more than 6-8 weeks on end. There are different brand names of Anadrol available, for example, Thai 50 or Strol V. Reports of fake and defiled items are additionally normal.

Anadrol is a relatively pricey drug. 100 tablets cost anywhere form $150-$200

The widespread abuse of Anadrol has led to greater control and restriction of its use and distribution in North America. Anadrol is a controlled substance listed as a Schedule 111 drug under the Controlled Substance Act. It requires a physician’s prescription. Anyone caught with the drug for the purpose of selling or distributing it can face significant monetary fines and even jail time.

The drug is now banned by all sporting organizations and is regularly tested for in athletes. Positive tests usually mean suspension of the athlete. Anadrol and its metabolites can be easily identified in the urine for 20-45 days after the last dose.

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