How to Effectively Stack Legal Steroids

February 11, 2019 / Anabolics
How to Effectively Stack Legal Steroids

Legal steroids offer the benefits of illegal anabolic steroids with greatly reduced – or non-existent – health side-effects. These legal alternatives, like their illegal cousins, are best used in stacks, where multiple steroids are used to get impressive results quickly. But, if you are new to bodybuilding or lifting and are unsure of how to best use these impressive supplements, fear not! At, we offer the best legal steroids alternatives to choose from, including some amazing legal steroid cycles. Here’s how to effectively stack legal steroids.

Determining the Dosage

When it comes to effectively stacking legal steroids. Getting the dosage is right is as important as choosing the perfect legal steroid alternative for you. Determining the correct dosage for you should be based on two particular things:

  • The results you are looking to achieve.
  • The legal steroids you want to stack with.

Choosing the Right Stack

Once you have an idea about what type of results you are looking for, you can start to choose the perfect stack for you. At, we have an impressive array of legal steroid stacks designed to give you the results you crave.

The Blitz Cycle

legal anabolic steroids stacks

Say, for instance, you are looking to burn fat and get a shredded looking physique? If your goal is to get absolutely shredded fast, then you need our Blitz Cycle. This amazing cycle has been specially formulated to bombard your muscle receptors with the powerful steroid (both anabolic and androgenic) of D-BOL. Not only that, but this cycle will dramatically increase your body’s metabolic rate thanks to the impressive results of Winni-V.

Winni-V is a potent, legal oral steroid alternative, which, when stacked with D-BOL in bulking cycles has shown effectiveness in reducing water retention and increasing energy and strength levels. Many satisfied users have reported both vascular and lean muscle gains. Due to the lack of the altered C-17 carbon configuration, Winni-V is also one of the safest legal steroid alternatives on the market today.

The Extreme Mass Stack

If you are looking to pack on mass, our Extreme Mass Stack will get you bulked up and ripped – fast! Using SDI Labs’ two most powerful oral steroid alternatives, the results from this stack can be described in one word – EXPLOSIVE!

The Extreme Mass Stack combines the power of D-BOL with Legal Steroids’ Anodrol Orals. Anodrol works by increasing the body’s erythropoietin, a hormone involved in producing red blood cells. When taken orally, the results from Anodrol are both rapid and noticeable. Many users report results within only one or two weeks, though noticeable outcomes within three to four weeks are more common.

Taken together, these two amazing legal steroids have become one of the most popular cycles we have! And it’s easy to see why – the results are impressive, lean, and huge bodies!

We’re Your One-Stop Shop for the Best Legal Steroid Stacks

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