The Best Cycles for Melting Fat

January 8, 2019 / Anabolics
The Best Cycles for Melting Fat

At we are always trying to help get you the body that you crave. But we know how important safety is. That’s why we offer only the most effective – and safest – legal steroid alternatives on the market. We have tons of advice on how to pack on mass, but the bulk is only one part of the equation. The other part is burning through that fat. Fortunately, we have a bunch of cycles which can accomplish both of these goals for you – FAST. Here are some of the best legal steroid cycles for melting fat.

bestThe Blitz Cycle

If you are looking to get absolutely shredded in no time, then you need Blitz Cycle! Our amazing cycle is specially formulated to bombard your muscle receptors with the powerful effects (both anabolic and androgenic) of D-BOL. Not only that, but this cycle will dramatically increase your body’s metabolic rate thanks to the impressive power of Winni-V.

Winni-V is a potent oral steroid alternative, which, when effectively stacked with D-BOL in bulking cycles has been shown to reduce water retention and increase both strength and energy levels. Satisfied users have reported lean and vascular muscle gains. Even better, due to the lack of altered C-17 carbon configuration, it is also one of the safest legal steroid alternatives on the market.

The fat melting properties of Winni-V, combined with the powerful mass-building effects of D-BOL, mean you can lose the gut and gain the mass – FAST!

Precision Form Mini-Cycle

Our 10-week Precision Form Mini-Cycle is the best of all possible worlds. Why?  Because it allows you to pack on impressive mass and cut – all in one easy to use, quick cycle!  We specially designed this 10-week mini-cycle for four weeks on bulking, followed by cutting and hardening phases. The first four weeks use D-BOL, as well as our impressive Anodrol, which produce extreme muscle growth and strength development.

Weeks five through eight begin the intense cutting phase, where our Test Suspension, Materbolan and Equidren, combined with Winni-V, supercharge your metabolism, shred fat and harden your impressive gains. Beware: this cycle may produce extremely impressive and dramatic gains!

14 Week Precision Form Peaking Cycle

A more extended, more intense version of our 10-week mini-cycle, the 14 week Precision Form Peaking Cycle is the absolutely most advanced cycle out there and has been shown to provide incredible gains in mass and strength – with the added bonus of impressive cutting and hardening. The incredible combination of pro-anabolic legal steroids found in this cycle adds amazing vascularity and hardness to users. The final results of this cycle in four words are:  Extremely BIG and RIPPED!

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