5 of the Best Free Workout Apps Guaranteed To Get You Shredded at Home

November 9, 2020 / Exercise
5 of the Best Free Workout Apps Guaranteed To Get You Shredded at Home

2020’s been a crazy year. When it seems like we’ve turned the corner, another surprise comes at us at full speed. COVID-19’s been the craziest thing that we’ve had to experience by far, and its effects continue to ripple across our lives. One thing it heavily affected is going to the gym. What used to be a release from the stress of everyday life is now essentially a health hazard, as going out to public spots just isn’t a smart thing to do right now. But that shouldn’t stop you from getting a killer workout in. To help you figure out how you can turn your home into a makeshift gym, we’ve got 9 of the best free workout apps to make sure you stay in shape from the comfort of your home. 

5 Of Best Free Workout Apps

Whatever your fitness goals, working out should be a central part of your life. Staying in shape shouldn’t have to be a chore or a punishment for binging a little, but it should be a celebration of the amazing things we humans can do. Without further delay, let’s get to the five free workout apps you’ll want to have on your phone. 

Nike Training Club

The Nike Training Club app is probably the closest thing to a swiss army knife on this list but with much more pizzazz. The best thing about this app is how much flexibility you have in creating your workout. It lets you customize your workout based on the specific muscle group you want to target, along with the time and equipment you have available. You can choose to have a workout using pure bodyweight, some weights, or a full gym. 

This app is also great for beginners since every exercise comes with a demonstration video, showing exactly how the movement should look. If you want an even more premium experience, Nike Training Club offers a paid subscription for a program lasting about 6-8 weeks. In this program, you can focus on specific aspects you want to improve on, such as flexibility and strength.

A body builder using a workout app from home.

7 Minute Workout

Working from home, and you feel like you haven’t any time to workout? No worries, just set aside 7 minutes of your day and carry on with the rest of it. As you might have already guessed from its name, the 7 Minute Workout app contains multiple 7-minute, no equipment workouts completely free. Just choose a routine you want to do, and it will display step-by-step demonstrations, so you never miss a beat. 


One of the worst things about being stuck at home is working out all by yourself. Reignite that sense of community with Freeletics. Freeletics is a platform that offers a whole bunch of HIIT programs and routines, along with space for you to share your results and connect with the rest of its users. It’s yet another customizable app, as it gives you exercises and workouts based on your profile and fitness goals. With state-of-the-art AI backing up this app, it learns from your performance for a specific week and uses that for the next one. 


8fit is an overall fitness app that provides not only workouts for you but also meal plans and self-care guidance for its users. 8fit caters to both the physical and mental health of its users, ensuring a holistically healthy body. This Berlin-based app asks for where you want to be, fitness-wise, and where you are now. It then gives you a fully-customized plan to get from point A to point B with various training programs, such as endurance training, HIIT, strength training, and bodyweight exercises.

Adidas Training by Runtastic

The last, but certainly not the least is the Adidas Training app by Runtastic. This app features a “workout creator,” which caters specifically to your fitness goals. Besides that, it features workouts of various lengths and a hundred other standalone exercises. The Adidas Training app lets you precisely choose which parts of the body you want to workout most and for how long. Additionally, it comes with guided videos with trainers to help push you through the most intense workouts. You’ll also be joining a global fitness community with the Adidas Training app, where you can see how your performance fares against the rest of the world.

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