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16 Jun

Published June 16th, 2021

One of the most well-known effective ways of getting a ripped body is by lifting weights, and we understand that weight lighting is not enjoyable for everybody. Luckily, there is more than one way to get a ripped figure, including ways that do not involve strenuous weight lifting. Besides, not all individuals have access to weight-lifting equipment. With that said, let’s discuss the different ways you can get ripped without weights.

How to Get Ripped Without Weights

Burn Fat And Maintain Muscle

The most effective way to get a ripped figure is by burning excess fat while maintaining muscle mass in your body. To do this properly, you will have to consume fewer calories than you burn. Say you burn 2,000 to 3,000 calories a day. You will have to consume less than that amount each day if you want to get that ripped, slim figure. 

Studies of two groups put on different diet plans in terms of calorie intake reveal that the group on a slow weight loss plan gained more muscle mass than the other group. Having a smaller caloric deficit leads to weight loss while preserving the muscle mass that you already have.

Body-Weight Exercises

Body-weight exercises consist of multiple exercise routines. To better understand this, there are several exercises you can do to build muscle, and each activity and your performance in doing those exercises will determine how much fat you lose and how much muscle you gain. Studies prove that strength and resistance training can help you build muscle more efficiently. To ensure that you get fast results, fitness experts recommend that you do these workouts at least three times a week. 

Body-weight exercises may even be more effective in building muscles than weight-lifting exercises since they allow you to put more effort into your movements since you are making use of your whole body more. Body-weight exercises include pull-ups, planks, chin-ups, torso rotations, reverse crunches, and table exercises for the upper body and glute bridges, waist whittler, squats, lunges, and calf carvers for the lower body.

A body builder is working out with weights.


Cardio workouts have many benefits for our bodies. Besides its ability to help us lose weight and promote a healthy lifestyle, cardio exercises work well in bringing muscle and shape to your body. People consider cardio workouts as high-intensity interval training, or HIIT, which allows you to burn all excess fat without worrying about losing muscles. HIIT workouts work well if you exert effort and rest every once in a while. 

Doing high-intensity interval training without resting can be dangerous for your body, so you must follow instructions well and listen to fitness experts or your trainer. Moreover, HIIT elevates your metabolism for a long time after you work out.

Proper Diet

Of course, one of the most effective ways of forming a muscular and toned figure is by following a proper diet. Like most workout routines, having a proper diet is essential to ensure that your time spent exercising is worth it. You cannot simply work out and eat unhealthy food right after; that just puts your whole workout to waste. A lot of things require a certain amount of sacrifice, and exercises consist of a lot. 

To ensure that you are losing weight as much as you are gaining muscle, you will have to consider eating meals that are high in protein. You should always remember to stay away from processed food and instead consume whole meals such as meat. Research reveals that people who cut calories and consume high protein food lost more fat and gained more muscles than those who do not. 

Diet plans will help ensure that your body is getting all the nutrients it needs to give you all the energy and strength you need to work out while making sure that you do not starve yourself or eat unhealthily. Be cautious about what you consume and always think about how they will affect your body to ensure that you will reach your goal of having a ripped figure.

Now that we have discussed the different ways on how to get ripped without weights, there is one more thing you have to remember. Many people dream of having the perfect body, but we should also remember that not all routines and techniques will work the same for us as they would for others. When you find that certain workout routines and diets do not work well for you like most people, do not let it discourage you. Humans were built to have different bodies, and we were meant to function differently under different circumstances. 

You may find that other people have great body shapes even though they do not work out as much, or you may see people working out so much, but it takes a longer time for them to become more fit. These scenarios are common and very much normal. Because our body reacts differently under pressure or doing physical activities, not all workouts produce the same outcomes. If you find that you are struggling to find the perfect workout routine that works well for you, go to the nearest gym in your area or talk to a professional fitness and health expert as they will make sure that you have a proper diet and exercise routine that will work the best for you.

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16 Jun

Published June 16th, 2021

Stomach punches are well known to harden ads and is a common activity for professional fighters. As to whether or not they help build ab muscles, has been a controversial topic.

Benefits of Taking Ab Punches (Does It Work?) 

For boxers and MMA fighters, getting repeatedly punched hardens the muscle and prevents getting their “wind knocked out” in a boxing ring. It’s a great way to ensure that they don’t get fazed by powerful punches to the stomach. It’s because repetitive contraction and tightening of the muscles while being hit tones your abs and strengthens your core muscles. Having strong abdominal muscles can help protect your organs, such as your kidneys, liver, and intestines, and promote good posture and stability. 

So the answer is yes, building ab muscle through punching or kicking is not impossible but make sure you aren’t inflicting injuries on yourself. 

Other Ways to Build Six-Pack Abs 

Both men and women who have a habit of trying new fads and diet in the hopes of achieving a sexy body with six-pack abs may try taking supplements, using heating gels, sauna belts, shapewear, and even go as far as getting surgery. 

Some methods might work, but some may leave you feeling frustrated. Besides gut punches, you can include other exercises in your workout plan to have effective and visible results faster. Fitness trainers recommend kickboxer training or abs-building exercises such as planks, crunches, bridges, and barbell back squats.

Consistency and discipline go hand-in-hand for you to achieve a well-proportionate body and well-toned abdominal muscles. Trying unique methods like getting punched while wearing boxing gloves will be highly effective if you include a holistic approach. Here are other things you must do to achieve six-pack abs:

Good Habit Ritual 

Besides the exercises you do, your lifestyle plays a vital role in how your body will look. Even if you’re doing intense pull-ups, dragon flags, and push-ups, if you are not eating the right foods with the recommended servings and not supporting your muscle gain by getting enough rest, you’ll have to work harder to get visible results. 

One of the best ways to ensure that you have a balanced and healthy lifestyle that caters to your fitness goal is to have a daily, weekly, and monthly schedule you can follow. Getting a fitness journal can be your first step in developing excellent habits to reach your dream body. 

You can’t work out the whole day, so having time-bound activities for cooking, exercising, working, and resting will benefit your physical and mental health by reducing the possible stress factors you may encounter.

A punch to the stomach.

Proper Bed Time And Wake-Up Routine 

By having a bedtime and wake-up routine, you’ll be able to do more things. Doing a short set of low-impact exercises and stretches can help you sleep soundly and have the much-needed rest to replenish your energy. 

Exercises like glute bridges, planks, reverse crunches, straight leg lifts, and a few push-ups are helpful for bedtime burnout.

Once you wake up, the first thing you should not do is shoot straight up. Doing so will immediately increase your heart rate and might make you feel disoriented. Have a relaxing 15 minutes to get yourself to wake up without the groggy state. You can re-energize by drinking at least one cup of warm water. Then, start doing a couple of stretches before you eat your breakfast. 


Drinking sufficient fluids is especially important before, during, and after working out to keep you from early exhaustion. If you are not a fan of tasteless water, you may infuse the fruit by slicing a strawberry, lemon, or cucumber. Having a sports water bottle with a filter that you can carry anywhere is convenient.

During exercises, you’re losing body fluids as you sweat. To replace this, rehydrating with cold water will not only make you feel refreshed and invigorated but will help you keep going with your workout as well. 

There have been scientific studies that drinking cold beverages can help increase your workout by delaying the rising heat of your body. Enjoying a cold-ice fruit-infused water or protein shake allows you to exercise without getting fatigued quickly. Another option is to drink sports beverages that can also help replace lost electrolytes.

A Healthy Breakfast 

Eating a hearty breakfast every day before doing anything will help you to focus and put your energy where it matters most. There have also been many health research that shows healthy eating at the start of your day can help you better manage your weight.

Here are nutritious foods you can include in your breakfast:

  • whole grains, like oatmeal and quinoa 
  • nuts, like almonds and walnut
  • fruits, like apples and berries
  • vegetables, like broccoli and spinach
  • fishes, like tuna and salmon 

These will refuel your body to ensure that you can stay active and alert all day long. Same with the foods you eat, watching what you also drink matters. Avoid alcoholic beverages and sugary drinks at all costs because they hinder your progress in building muscles and losing weight. Sticking with fruits or vegetable shakes, tea, and water is the safest way to go. 

When it comes to weight management and muscle-building, every food and drink you consume matters, and every calorie counts. As an old and common saying goes, “You are what you eat.” If you want to achieve the body that you are longing for, sticking to a set fitness plan will be the most rewarding gift you can give yourself. 

Consistent Exercise 

Being athletic isn’t supposed to be just a phase in one’s life. Working out can change your life for the better because it affects other areas of your life, such as your work, relationships, and mental well-being. 

Exercising consistently is known to help reduce stress hormones and promote the production of natural painkillers in the body. When you feel good and your problems are not weighing you down, you’re more mentally and physically capable of doing intense workouts to achieve the abs that you want. 

Knowing that you are exercising for better health can also give you the satisfaction that you’re working towards becoming the person you’re most proud of. 

Consistent physical activities with stomach punches and following a fitness plan can increase your muscle mass, improve endurance, boost energy, strengthen the inner core, and prevents certain health conditions. 

Consulting a health professional, nutritionist, or fitness trainer can give you a better insight into what’s best for your body, especially in building abs. Your entire lifestyle will contribute to your fitness goals. So having a holistic routine for your workouts, weight management, and diet is necessary to get the body you want.

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As a writer at many renowned websites Krizzia Reyes has covered a wide range of topics in many industries. It has been her passion to only deliver the truth and nothing but the truth.
16 Jun

Published June 16th, 2021

Doing a push up challenge is not easy, but it can be fun and give you great results. Doing fitness challenges is a great way to motivate yourself and reach physical peaks you never thought possible. 

Push-ups exercise your upper body and abs, and give you a unique look as you workout many muscle groups at once.

Push-Up Challenges for Leaner and Stronger Body

These push-up challenge ideas can help kickstart your fitness journey. Since people have different reactions to every bodyweight workout, these challenges will not have the same effect on every individual. With that said, what are the different push-up challenges you can try right now?

  • 3 Months Challenge

First on the list is the 3-month push-up challenge. As the name implies, this challenge will last up to three months, with rest days, of course. This challenge is more suitable for individuals who are willing to commit to the challenge. 

Since the challenge lasts up to three months, you will need more dedication and discipline. The challenge starts by doing ten push-ups five times a day, which results in 50 push-ups per day. This amount of push-ups will last for ten days and will eventually increase as the days go on. Each push-up count will remain the same for ten days, followed by a rest day. You can also try modified pushups to heat things up a little.

After the rest day, the number of push-ups done daily for ten days will increase until you reach 30 days. The daily push-up count will be divided into five times, with rest time in between that can be an hour or more, to better control and maintain your strength. To understand better, here is an example schedule of what the first month of the challenge will look like:

Month 1

Days 1-10: 5 x 10 daily push-ups

Day 11: Rest day

Days 12-20: 5 x 15 daily push-ups

Day 21: Rest Day

Day 22-29: 5 x 20 daily push-ups

Day 30: Rest day

A man and woman doing push ups with their legs elevated.
  • 30 Day Plank and Push-Up

The 30day pushup with plank challenge is something that you can try if you are interested in the 3-month challenge but are not too comfortable with the duration. This challenge is a slight twist of the average challenge as it switches between doing planks and push-ups every other day. 

You can start the week by holding a plank for 30 seconds or as long as you can for the first day, then doing 15 push-ups the next day. Like all other workout routines, this challenge will require you to have a rest day, which you could do at the end of every week. Do this routine until you finish the 30day pushup challenge, and you should notice a change in your figure. 

  • See 10, Do 10

Since social media is essential for most people these days and we live through the Internet, let’s add social media to a push-up challenge. The ‘See 10, Do 10’ challenge is a recent trend that enables you to do a fun push up challenge with your online friends without having to put in too much effort and time.

You can do this challenge in two ways: when a friend or follower tags you to do so or start the chain reaction by yourself. The mechanics are that you have to film yourself doing ten push-ups then posting it on social media while tagging a friend to do the same.

That way, you interact with your followers and friends without being with them physically and in real-time. If your friend tagged you to do this challenge, you do not have to do it right away. You can wait a couple of days or do it as soon as you like.

  • Muscle-Building Challenge

The muscle-building push-up challenge is a challenge that is sure to give you fast results. Your body is designed differently from the rest of the population, which is why this challenge is perfect for customization. 

To make the challenge match your current strength and ability better, you will first have to measure how many push-ups you can do. The current number of push-ups you can do will help track your progress and how well the challenge is working for you. 

For the first workout of the challenge, you will have to do push-ups four times the amount of the current maximum number of push-ups you can do as fast or as slow as you prefer. The second workout is when you set the alarm or a specific time five times a day. 

During these times, you will have to do two sets of push-ups as much as you can and set a 45-second rest time in between. These two can be arm workouts as well and can be alternated each day. It means that after doing one workout for one day, you will have to do the other workout the next day.

If you find that your body is not getting as toned or as slim as other people’s when doing a push up challenge, that is normal. Do not lose motivation, and just remember to aim for progress and not perfection.

Push-up challenges are called ‘challenges’ for a reason. They will not be easy, but then again, most great things do not come easily. Work hard and do not give up because sooner or later, with the proper discipline and drive, you will be sure to get the body you desire and the strength you deserve.

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As a writer at many renowned websites Krizzia Reyes has covered a wide range of topics in many industries. It has been her passion to only deliver the truth and nothing but the truth.
05 Apr

Published April 5th, 2021

People often wonder how influencers, models, and celebrities achieve their perfect bodies. We go to great lengths just to achieve a body even close to theirs; we cut carbs from our diet, we lift weights to build muscles, and we run for miles to lose the extra fat off of our bodies. The term “ripped” is often lightly used to describe bodies that are “sexy” or “fit” when in fact, it is a state wherein our bodies contain a minimal amount of fat and high amounts of muscle mass. We refer to people with abs and thigh gaps as ripped when it actually means having enough muscle mass that our muscles create a noticeable outline on our clothes. Though being ripped is a state of total physical fitness, it does not necessarily mean that if a lifestyle works for other people, that it will work for you as well. 

Our bodies respond differently to diets and exercise. Not all workouts are effective in creating a fit body. Bodies with 6% to 10% body fat are what classifies as “ripped” bodies. Any percentage of fat lower than 6% will not be able to retain a high muscle mass. One of the best ways to build muscles and achieve this body type is by consuming supplements, or supplements meant for increasing muscles. This article will contain the different supplements you can take to acquire a ripped body.

Supplements To Gain Muscles

Muscle-gaining supplements work best when partnered with a healthy and well-rounded diet. It also works better when you exercise regularly. Taking supplements is easy. It’s the discipline and maintenance of a healthy lifestyle that makes it difficult.

Whey Protein Concentrate

The most recommended supplement for muscle-gain is whey protein concentrates. These protein supplements are best for individuals who live an active lifestyle meaning they regularly workout or engage in physical activities. Whey protein concentrates are to be taken with water before working out to achieve better results. The supplements aid in the recovery of the muscles and encourage the body to produce more.

Branched Chain Amino Acids

Branched Chain Amino Acids or BCAA are supplements that promote the growth of the muscles in our bodies.  BCAA is known to recover muscles quickly after an intense workout. These supplements benefit the body as it produces energy enhancing your training and allowing you to gain a ripped body faster. 


Glutamine is an amino acid found in the body that provides multiple benefits. This amino acid plays a vital role in maintaining a robust immune system. Sometimes, we do workouts that get too intense for our organs to keep up, sometimes even causing our body’s inability to produce enough glutamine. This supplement promotes muscle-production and helps in the recovery after a workout, which means it is best to take them after. Glutamines are excellent at giving our bodies a ripped look.


Casein is a protein that helps the body increase muscle mass by producing essential amino acids. Like Glutamine and Whey Proteins, Caseins aid in the recovery of torn and sore muscles after a workout. It also encourages growth in muscle mass which allows the body to achieve a more fit appearance. Contrary to whey proteins, though, these supplements are to be taken before bed as it works better as the body is in slumber.


As the name implies, pre-workout supplements are taken before a workout boosts the body’s energy and enhances our drive to exercise. These include the previously mentioned BCAA, caffeinated drinks, etc. These supplements keep your body going, so you should consume them before you start your physical activity. Although, it is not necessarily required that you take it every time.

A man flexing his ripped byceps

Supplements That Reduce Fat

Supplements are generally thought of as muscle-enhancing substances that make our bodies go from skinny to bulky. People often are not informed of supplements that help enhance our body by reducing fat rather than increasing muscle mass. These are examples of the most commonly-known fat-reducing supplements that eliminate the excess fat in our bodies to make room for muscles.

Whey Protein Hydrolysate/Isolate or Concentrate

Whey protein hydrolysates are post-workout supplements that people with goals of achieving the ultimate ripped body take. Those who want more efficient results might settle for this supplement as not all the nutrients you need for building muscles are found in food. It reduces your body’s excess fat effectively, and it also promotes rapid growth of muscles which makes for nearly perfect results.

Thermogenic & Non-Thermogenic

Thermogenic and non-thermogenic supplements help give the body the push it needs to start a more physically active lifestyle. It boosts metabolism and naturally increases the body’s energy levels making it easier to lose excess fat. With the help of these supplements, along with a proper diet and healthy lifestyle, you may achieve the body that you want, under strict consumption, of course. These supplements work best when consumed before a workout though they are not to be taken every day. For those experiencing particular health conditions, you may need to get advice from a professional/expert first as it may not be as effective for you as it will be for others.

Conjugated Linoleic Acid

Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA) is a fat type in the body that you can find in most dairy products and beef. These fats prove to be effective in burning fat and eliminating fat tissues in the body, mostly in the areas where we usually experience excess fat growth, such as thighs and belly. Although there are still studies that have yet to explore how well this supplement works in weight loss, it has been proven to produce killer abs when partnered with proper workout routines.

Final Thoughts

In taking ripped supplements or any substance that can alter your physical state, make sure to know all the information about it before consuming. Some companies promote products to have a particular effect on our bodies, but not everything works the same for each individual. Some people are more sensitive to supplements, some may have allergic reactions to them, or some may even have no response to it at all, making them completely impractical. You must be aware of what supplements can do to your body. 

If you are not sure which you think is the best fit for you, do not be afraid to consult with an expert. Moreover, do not be too complacent with just supplements alone when you want to achieve a hot bod. You should also consider having a proper diet, regular workout or physical activity, and stay hydrated at all times. Combining these three with muscle-producing supplements will make the process go smoother and ensure that your body does not collapse or respond negatively to the number of substances you are putting in your body.

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As a writer at many renowned websites Krizzia Reyes has covered a wide range of topics in many industries. It has been her passion to only deliver the truth and nothing but the truth.
05 Apr

There are many articles and posts online that talk about various ways people can lose weight. On the other hand, techniques or methods to gain weight are less prevalent online. Trying to gain weight can be just as difficult as trying to lose weight for some, especially for people with no appetite caused by a health condition, those who have been diagnosed with an autoimmune disease or certain genetics. There are many reasons people would want to gain weight, typically  because they think they are too thin or for the necessity of bodybuilding.

Bodybuilders would opt for a diet or a routine that allows them to put on extra pounds, primarily muscle weight. A supplement called Apetamin has recently been trending in weight-gain techniques. Despite not being legal in most areas of the United States, people have different ways to purchase the supplement, such as through online websites or small businesses. What exactly is it, and is it safe to consume? I answer those questions and more below.


Most techniques involving weight-gain involve consuming Apetamin, but what exactly makes it effective? It is a vitamin supplement that contains the substance cyproheptadine hydrochloride, which is a medication that you can only purchase through prescriptions. This substance causes an increase of appetite in our body, allowing you to consume more food, thus leading to weight gain. 

It also includes some amino acids and vitamins that are only purchased through prescription, namely lysine. This supplement is a product of a pharmaceutical company in India named TIL Healthcare PVT, and it is more commonly consumed in its syrup form. However, it is also manufactured in the form of pills or tablets. The only distinct characteristics between the two are that the syrup form includes a blend of vitamins and amino acids, whereas tablets contain cyproheptadine hydrochloride.

How Does It Work?

The main active ingredient in Apetamin that is said to lead to weight gain is the cyproheptadine hydrochloride. This particular antihistamine substance stimulates the body’s appetite. Cyproheptadine hydrochloride is mainly used on malnourished children and individuals who are diagnosed with chronic diseases. While there are numerous possible explanations as to how this substance can stimulate our appetite, professionals and experts have yet to gain a complete understanding of how it works. 

However, multiple studies show different ways how Apetamin works to increase our appetite. In one scenario, studies show that the cyproheptadine hydrochloride in the supplement disrupts the area of our brain that regulates our desire for food and many of our hormones, thus causing us to have an increased appetite. In another study, evidence shows that the L-lysine amino acid in the syrup form of Apetamin leads to increased appetite and weight gain in animals. However, there has not been evidence to show the same in humans. 

Safety of Apetamin

As it says in the earlier part of this article, Apetamin is illegal in the United States and many other countries because the cyproheptadine hydrochloride in it is a prescription-only drug. This ingredient is a prescription-only drug because, as with most products, improper use of this substance can lead to severe health conditions such as liver failure, or worse, death. In addition to that, it is not an approved product by the FDA, which may be why some products do not inform the buyers accurately about what it contains. 

In fact, not only is it not FDA-approved, it is listed as one of the FDA’s lists of illegal medical imports. Since Apetamin is an illicit product of many countries, including the U.S., there is little to no chance that you can purchase it in drugstores or supplement stores. Since this product does not entirely disclose its customers the ingredients, it is highly advised that you steer clear of consuming it as you do not know what products are good for you and what is not allowed.

Side Effects

Consuming Apetamin syrup or tablets may have specific side effects on your body. These side effects are most probably due to the antihistamine ingredient inside it, the cyproheptadine. The most common side effects include dryness of the mouth, sinus, and throat. It may also cause dizziness, fatigue, nausea, headache, hyperactivity in children, muscle weakness, and chest congestion. The more severe side effects of this supplement are blurring vision, nervousness, and difficulty in urinating. The worst this product can do to your body is a possible liver failure or toxicity.

Bulky man standing at the gym after finishing the 1 set of his program

People work hard to create the perfect body. Many individuals will even hire a trainer to help them in losing weight or toning their body. While you may appreciate it more if you had the body type you prefer, it is vital that you still do what is best for your health. There are multiple ways as to how you can gain weight without having to drink any supplement. 

If you have serious concerns about your body, you should consult a healthcare professional or a doctor instead of using products that the internet tells you. Ensure that you know about the contents and ingredients and gather all the information you need before consuming anything. Besides, not all products work the same for everyone, so while Apetamin may work for others as a weight-gaining supplement, that may not be the case for you. Do not be afraid to ask for help from experts as they know what is best for your health.

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As a writer at many renowned websites Krizzia Reyes has covered a wide range of topics in many industries. It has been her passion to only deliver the truth and nothing but the truth.