The Most Effective 4 Day Workout Split Routine

October 5, 2020 / Exercise
The Most Effective 4 Day Workout Split Routine

Most humans are creatures of habit. We fall into monotonous routines in our lives, shying away from any drastic changes. It’s perfectly normal to fall into these routines, as our bodies tend to gravitate towards what’s efficient, saving our efforts from making menial decisions.


The same can be said about our workouts. It’s so easy to go into the gym feeling pumped up and ready to crush the same workout for weeks on end. But is this the best way to maximize our gains? Is doing the efficient thing, in this case, the best option? Let’s talk about why mixing up your workouts is essential, and a 4-day workout split routine you should try. 


Why you should be mixing up your workouts

We often go into the gym, head to the same bench, and follow the same workout as we have been for the past few weeks. But going through the motions in the gym can get dangerous, and here’s why:


Performance Plateau

Whether you’re competing in an organized sport or even weightlifting, you may encounter a performance plateau at some point. A performance plateau refers to the stagnation of progress in strength, endurance, or power in weightlifting. This stagnation can be due to a number of factors, one being the monotony of your workout routine. 


After repeating a routine for some time, your body adjusts to it, finding the most efficient ways to exert energy. While this sounds good to the casual weightlifter, it isn’t the best thing if you want to maximize your strength and gains. You want to put your body under a good amount of stress, so it has more room to build muscle and achieve greater gains. 


Workout boredom

Sometimes it isn’t even about your progress, but it simply comes down to boredom. As with most things, we’ll get bored with a workout routine after doing it for a long enough time. It’s the feeling of dread, seeing how you have to go through another day of repetitive movements. When you reach this point, that’s the best time to look for new routines to switch up what you’re used to in order to get the most of your workouts. 


Neglecting other muscle groups

After doing the same exercises for a long time, you not only teach your muscles to become incredibly accustomed to a particular movement, but you neglect other muscles in doing so. This stifles your gains, making your workouts much less effective than they should be. Changing up routines provides room for new stimulation, which can kickstart your gains in a whole new way.

Handsome Muscular Man Smiling after doing 4 days split routine

Overuse injuries

As I mentioned, doing the same workouts means you’re working the same muscles repeatedly. In doing so, you run the risk of overusing your muscles, which can lead to injury. It may not seem immediately apparent, but you might start feeling the effects of a stagnant workout routine in the long run. Prevent overworking your muscles by trying new routines out, consulting trainers, and other experts for their knowledgeable opinions. 


Without further ado, let’s get to some 4-day workout split routine ideas to help you out. 


4-Day Workout Split Routines You Should Try


Mass Building Workout

This workout is designed for the intermediate lifters, who have a solid knowledge of performing compound movements correctly. It’s best for experienced lifters who know what they should do to build muscle, and this includes dieting


This workout routine will last a total of 6-8 weeks, after which you’ll want to switch to another routine to prevent your muscles from adapting too much to a specific workload. 


Day 1: Back and Biceps

Day 2: Chest and Triceps

Day 3: OFF

Day 4: Quad, Hamstrings, and Calves

Day 5: Shoulders, Traps, and Forearms

Day 6: OFF

Day 7: OFF


Back and Biceps Workout

Deadlifts – Sets: 2, Reps: 5

One Arm Dumbbell Row – Sets: 3, Reps: 8-12 (for each arm)

Wide Grip Pull Up or Lat Pull Down – Sets: 3, Reps: 10-12

Barbell Row – Sets: 3, Reps: 8-12

Seated Cable Row or Machine Row – 5 minutes AMRAP

EZ Bar Preacher Curl – Sets: 3, Reps: 10-12

Concentration Curl – Sets: 3, Reps: 10-12

Seated Dumbbell Curl – 5 Minutes AMRAP


Chest and Triceps

Bench Press – Sets: 3, Reps: 6-10

Incline Dumbbell Bench Press – Sets: 3, Reps: 8-12

Chest Dip – 3 Sets of AMRAP

Cable Crossover – Sets: 3, Reps: 12-15

Dumbbell Bench Press or Machine Chest Press – 5 Minutes AMRAP

EZ Bar Skullcrusher – Sets: 3, Reps: 8-12

Two Arm Seated Dumbbell Extension – Sets: 3, Reps: 8-12

Cable Tricep Extension: 5 Minutes AMRAP


Quads, Hamstrings, and Calves

Squat – Sets: 3, Reps: 6-10

Leg Press – Sets: 3, Reps: 15-20

Hack Squat or Dumbbell Lunge – Sets: 3, Reps: 8-12

Leg Extension: 5 Minutes AMRAP

Romanian Deadlift: Sets: 3, Reps: 8-12

Leg Curl: 5 Minutes AMRAP

Standing Calf Raise: Sets: 3, Reps: 10-15

Seated Calf Raise: 5 Minutes AMRAP


Shoulders, Traps, and Forearms

Seated Barbell Military Press – Sets: 3, Reps: 6-10

Seated Arnold Press – Sets: 3, Reps: 8-12

Dumbbell Lateral Raise – Sets: 3, Reps: 10-15

Hammer Strength or Smith Press: 5 Minutes AMRAP

Dumbbell High Pulls – Sets: 3, Reps: 8-12

Barbell Shrug or Dumbbell Shrug – 5 Minutes AMRAP

Seated Barbell Wrist Curl – Sets: 3, Reps: 12-15

Barbell Static Hold – 5 Minutes AMRAP


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