Can Steroids Impact Life Expectancy?

July 19, 2018 / Uncategorized
Can Steroids Impact Life Expectancy?

If you’re wondering “can steroids impact life expectancy?” we’re here to help. Keep reading to better understand the long-term effects of taking steroids.

The Impact Of Steroids

While there is a lot of hysteria surrounding steroids, there is actually very little scientific evidence to back up many of the claims about their negative side-effects. This, in part, is due to the fact that steroids in the United States are illegal and therefore more difficult for researchers to study. But it’s also because people dramatically exaggerate just how bad steroids are for you. The first important thing to understand about steroids is that when they are used properly, they are shown to have effectively zero impact on one’s life expectancy.

Steroid abuse, however, is something else entirely. The constant use of steroids over a long period of time, on the other hand, does have some serious negative health implications.  

Steroid Life-Expectancy Study

Researchers in a now-famous study on steroid use gave a group of mice a continuously administered low-dose of anabolic steroids via an implant that administered the substance automatically. The mice were about two months old when they were first given their first few doses. In human terms, they were young adults who had just gotten their driver’s licenses.

The researchers kept the implants in the mice for 6 months, after which they removed them and then watched what happened to the mice in the following year. The experiment lasted a total of 20 months. Lab mice can reach an age of about 26 months. So the experiment stopped when the mice, in human terms, were in their sixties. The researchers had divided the mice into three groups. The mice control group was given an implant that didn’t administer anything

Another group of mice was given a “mild” dose of anabolic steroids. If we’re talking about testosterone cypionate, then the human equivalent of the dose the mice were given would be about a couple of hundred milligrams a week. (i.e. Low dose)

The third group of mice was given their steroids cocktail in a dose that was about four times that given to the Low Dose group. (i.e.High Dose)


At the end of the experiment, 12% of the mice in the control group had died. Of the mice that had been given a low dose of steroids, 33% had died. Of the mice that had been given a high dose of steroids, 52% had died.

How To Keep Healthy On Steroids

One of the most important things to remember when it comes to steroids is that they are meant to be cycled! You should not take steroids all the time the way you take your multivitamin. This means that you should only be on steroids for a period of 8-12 weeks at a time followed by a post cycle and then a significant amount of time off (i.e. “clean”). If you stick to this, you are sure to either completely eliminate or, at least, seriously mitigate any negative side-effects that steroids may have on your health.

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